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Player Information:
Name: Jett
Age: 33
AIM: Masartham
MSN/Email: mangacide@gmail.com
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Game Cast: Greed | Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Character Information:
Name: Angel (or 4n631 when treated as an AI)
Canon: Borderlands
Canon Point: Immediately after her death at the hands of the Vault Hunters
Age: 19
Reference: Angel at the Borderlands Wiki

Pandora-- How can I describe Pandora? It's like the old saying "The patients are running the Asylum". Yeah like that. Except that it's a planet. Everything on the planet too; it's all trying to kill you. Most people who are rational and stable don't tend to stay on this world for very long. Unless of course they stop being sane and rational. That can and does happen here on a regular basis.

Pandora is one planet in a much larger universe filled with many inhabited worlds. In this universe; most of these worlds are owned and governed by various corporations such as Dahl, Hyperion, Jacobs, and Vladoff. They are also almost exclusively military coprerations with their main sales coming from weapons design and manufacturing. While most of these other worlds are at least somewhat peaceful, Pandora is different. Long before any humans set foot there, the planet was home to a race of highly advanced aliens called the Eridians. Barely a thing is known about them now however and all that is left of their civilization are ancient ruins and artifacts.

The most important of these ruins are called the Vaults. Once they were discovered the reason for coming to the planet quickly changed from resource mining to treasure hunting. And a frontier civilization began to form. What this means is that the land gave up the trappings of civility and essentially sunk into chaos. Since then the planet has developed a nearly endless supply of psycho bandits who roam the harsh and unforgiving landscape killing ravaging and generally destroying everything they come into contact with. On the other side of this mess is the Hyperion Corporation; who is widely accepted as the most powerful of the companies competing for turf and a shot at the Vault. They are just as bad as the psychos but in a different way. And caught in the middle is what passes for average people on this world. They do their best to survive and many of them can seem just as outrageous as the forces that are constantly threatening them.

They can be good though, or at least better than Hyperion and the bandits.

The land of Pandora is mostly wasteland. However, there are your typical sandy deserts, snowy mountains, and deadly volcano. As for everywhere else on Pandora, there is nothing but dirt and rocks and vicious wildlife. The one place that seems to buck this norm is the Highlands. The things there are just as deadly as anywhere else, but there is grass there and even some fresh water streams and waterfalls fed by a high sitting lake.

The bandit camps are scattered everywhere across the planet and each one is more vicious and brutal than the last. And in between those there are small pockets of actual civilization such as Overlook in the Highlands and Sanctuary; the floating city. And then there are places that only pretend to be civil, such as Lynchwood and Thousand Cuts. In particular Overlook is home to a group of people known as the Zafords. The Zafords are a self proclaimed ‘Clan’ with a long-standing feud against another Clan living out in the dust; the Hodunks. The blood feud is generations old and while neither of them may know the exact details of how it came about they will nonetheless kill each other over the matter.

The humans are only the tip of the iceberg however. The wildlife of Pandora is even more diverse and deadly. Living all over the planet are beasts known as skags. They roam in packs similar to dogs or wolves but the similarities end there. The average skag has a three-jawed mouth, tough leathery skin and several small beady eyes. They often have armored plating on their heads, bodies, and shoulders and they will eat whatever they can catch. The skags do not have a ‘colon’ as we understand them. Instead anything that cannot be digested is regurgitated at a later time in a clump of stomach acid and waste. They can also come with mutations that allow them to breathe fire or electricity, or spit acid out of their mouths. These mutations are present in nearly all of Pandora’s wildlife.

They are joined in number by Spiderants, who are more heavily armored, and possess large armored heads and several spider-like legs. Also joining the endless horrible predators are Rakks; the terrors of the sky. These creatures do not resemble birds at all. They have leathery wings and are covered in a thick snakeskin like hide. Rakks enjoy swooping down on their prey in groups to overwhelm them.

Back on the ground are a host of other creatures; Mountain dwelling bullymong who are like four-armed apes. Threshers; giant worms who live in the Highlands and our in the Dust where the ground is more malleable, Stalkers who can turn invisible so that you are dead before you even know they are there, and Crsystalisks; Gargantuan beasts made of rock and crystal who live inside caves and mountains.

To combat all of these; there are guns, GLORIOUS GUNS. Every company staking a claim on Pandora has a weapons R&D division and there is a constant supply of weapons and ammo being sent to the planet’s surface. These are distributed almost exclusively by Marcus Munitions; a company run by Marcus Kincaid himself right on Pandora. His vending machines (featuring a red one for guns and a green one for ammunition) can be found throughout Pandora. In addition; there are white vending machines that dispense Shields for protection and medicine for healing. Once a gun has left the vending machine it can be traded or sold or lost just like anything else; and so weapons can be found almost anywhere. In fact it is common knowledge that skags will often eat a traveler’s weapons, only to regurgitate it later on. They can be found by the strong of stomach in what are commonly referred to as “skag piles”.

Despite the frontier mentality and broken, run down looking buildings, the technology on Pandora is highly advanced thanks to the advent of Hyperion’s’ “New U” station. The genetic information of the people who access it is stored in a database and should they meet an untimely demise on Pandora, they are regenerated at the nearest recording tower. These towers are spread all around Pandora and there is almost always one nearby. They have also developed the quick-change stations, which are located in larger cities (the most obvious being Sanctuary). These allow the user to change their appearance quickly and easily as well as re-distribute the abilities they gain through combat. These stations utilize a form of technology called digital restructuring or “digistruct”. Which allows not only the reconstruction of people but also allows for easy access to up to four different guns out of however many that person is carrying, and in at least one case the materialization of a robotic companion/protector.

Another important piece of technology is the echo system. This includes recorders that function in a way similar to tape recorders (with the addition of video recording) and an internet like system called the echonet. Most residents on Pandora use the echo recorders as personal diaries (called echo logs), as the echonet connection there is poor at best. In the wider universe however the echonet has functions akin to youtube called echo casts (public video posting which can be seen and commented upon by other echonet users) and twitter (Gaige the Mechromancer had one of these for a while but with her arrival on Pandora it has since been closed down).

There are a few different ways to get around on Pandora. The most popular being the cars (more like weapon-equipped tanks), which can be accessed via a particular form of digistruct station, called the “Catch a Ride”. This entire system is maintained and operated by a decidedly awkward young man named Scooter. There is also a heftier and more durable car called the Bandit. While this is also available through the catch a ride another mechanic named Ellie, who lives in The Dust, mostly maintains it. Ellie is Scooter’s sister and they are both the children of a woman named Moxxi who once ran a Battle Dome (called the Underdome as it was underground) and can (allegedly) make a sexual innuendo out of anything.

Aside from these two cars there is also the Sandskiffs needed to traverse the dried out ocean bed called “Oasis”. The most convenient method are the Fast Travel stations, which allow travelers to return quickly to any place, they’ve visited previously. The fast travel uses the same digistruct technology as the New U and Catch a Ride systems.

Eridium became abundant in Pandora after the first vault had been opened. The ore can be used as a power source for ancient guns used by the Eridians. For a Siren, Eridium boosts their Phase ability and even gives them superhuman regeneration. However, overloading on it is possible and will have the opposite effect and eventually kill them. Prolonged, moderate exposure would lead to dependency (As happened with Angel), and cutting off the supply would also end in death.

Six total Sirens exist in the universe at any given time and they are always female. If one Siren dies, the status of Siren moves to a female that is being born or is about to. All Sirens posses a unique ability called Phase. Such examples are Lilith’s Phasewalk (Which allows her to become invisible and intangible) and Maya’s Phaselock (Which holds an enemy in another dimension for a time).

Angel has always presented herself to others as a friendly, but humble sort of person. The only sort of person she’s ever been allowed to be. When she was just a little girl her Siren powers manifested, and at about the same time (possibily even as a result of that) her mother mysteriously vanished. This left her in the sole care of her Father, who at the time was called John.

For reasons not fully understood the man hatched an idea which leads to Angel being enclosed in a glass room in the middle of a mobile satelite labeled 4n631 “Control Core Angel”. From that point on, the only in-person interaction Angel got was from her Father, now calling himself “Handsome Jack”. When she was tasked by him with contacting the original Vault Hunters, she did as he asked and played out her role of “guide and guardian angel” to the Vault Hunters. While she wouldn’t actually defy him until much later, having contact with people outside of her Father’s influence showed her the beginnings of a wider world that she wished she could be a part of. A world he was set on controlling.

But that was a dream that could never come true, as leaving her glass room and cutting off the supply of eridium to her body would kill her.

Angel remained loyal to Handsome Jack for a long time, but after their journey to Pandora things began to change. Angel; through her interactions with the Vault Hunters and Clap Trap (deceitful as those interactions may have been), began to see more of the outside world. She saw that not all of the people were the kind of horrible murderous savages her father had made them out to be. The more she spoke with them, the more she realized that she herself had been deceived by her own father and began harboring a silent, but strong hatred of him. When her father used her to disable the shields protecting Sanctuary and launched a devastating attack on the city, Angel finally decided she had allowed herself to be used by this man long enough. From that point on she put all her effort into helping the people she had betrayed, hoping to rebuild the damaged trust.

Even when shaking off her Father’s influence there are certain mannerisms that have been deeply ingrained in the young woman. She will often correct herself after swearing and will be apologetic even when such humility is not required. Angel is new to having friends, but through watching the actions of the Vault Hunters she has developed a strong sense of kinship and what it means to be a loyal.

Still at her core there is a deep sense of melancholy resulting from the loss and isolation she suffered through while growing up. While she is learning to be a more confident person, the years spent under the watchful eye of her Father have made her comfortable with taking orders and social cues from others. This is something that she may need to work on or risk falling back into the same controlling situation that lead to her untimely demise.

Angel’s greatest fear is that somehow, some way, her Father will have survived the battle with the Vault Hunters and that he will return to take control of her life once more. Along with this is the fear that she will not have the courage or confidence to stand up to him a second time, and that he will visit upon her some terrible punishment for defying him the first time.

She tries to make friends with people whenever possible and while she is a good person the deeper underlying reason for this could be linked to abandonment issues caused by the early loss of her mother and codependancy that resulted from being raised by her overly controlling and delusion riddled Father.

When Angel arrived at the palace, disoriented and nauseated from being shot, the only question she’d managed to get out was a slurred “where am I?” The explanation of course made no sense to her and despite what she’s been told; Angel isn’t fully convinced that this isn’t actually the afterlife. She is happy to be away from her Father however so she’s not asking too many questions about that.


Angel has light skin and brunette hair that is shaved on the right side of her head, where metal plates can be seen. These were likely once a part of her eridium processing aparatus. On the left side of her head her hair is just below her shoulder in length and tied off partially in a ponytail.

She has watery blue eyes that reflect the pain she’s been forced to endure in her life. She has a slight frame despite her age and the left side of her body is covered in the markings that identify her as a Siren.


Phaseshift allows Angel to interface with and access any electronic network quickly and with extreme ease. When she does this she can send a virtual avatar of herself into the network to access it from the inside. Angel has been known to project her image onto video screens, monitors, and even the Vault Hunters HUDs in order to communicate with them. Her Phaseshift ability also allows her to digistruct items such as the ammunition and healing items she called up for the Vault Hunters as they were attacking the Eridium tubes that had been pumping her body full of energy in order to charge the key.

There is a possibility that she may be able to Phaseshift living people as well; as when the Vault Hunters entered the Control Core they were transported into a virtual space before arriving in the central room where Angel was contained.

When accessing her abilities Angel will often declare herself with the term “Executing Phase Shift”.

(Note: Any hacking of heavily protected files will be at the discression of the other players involved and the hacking level cap I leave in the hands of the Moderators)

Angel doesn’t have much combat skill. Her life inside the Control Core has not afforded her many opportunities to do any physical training.

Angel has no personal belongings other than the clothes on her back and the Siren markings on her skin. Her clothing consists of a body suit and a metal hairband.

Suite: A 2floor suite in the Metal Sector seems appropriate since it is the most technologically advance of all the sectors.

In-Character Samples:

Third Person:
A sliver of light landed right on Angel’s face and with a tiny grunt she squinched her eyes shut before sitting up, only to open them again. For the first time since she’d arrived in this place her dreams hadn’t woken her. The third day. thought the young woman. She’d spent the last two in various states of sleeping and then walking around her suite touching everything. Examining the furniture; opening and closing windows and doors, and then falling into bed only to be woken by the memory of what she had been sure were her last moments alive.

When Angel had first arrived, she could barely tell where she was or what she was doing. She vaguely recalled asking where she was and had received an explanation that she was on a turtle in between three planes of existence, if death could be considered an existence. After which she’d been carted off to the place she would apparently be living at for the duration of her stay; however long that was.

She’d been given some kind of orientation, wherein she was shown how to work the technological devices such as the personal console. She hadn’t really needed it. The devices were similar enough to the technology she was used to, interfacing with them was surprisingly easy, though her access to phase shift seemed to be weak at best, and Angel wondered if it wasn’t because she hadn’t been exposed to Eridium for some time. That she was still breathing without the substance was incredible to her.

Now, on her third day, Angel was thinking just maybe she could be brave enough to leave her house for the first time and see what there was on the outside—but then again, maybe she would just explaore the inside of her suite a little longer. There had to be things that she hadn’t fully explored yet.

For example; she hadn’t attempted to use the network yet, and doing some poking around on their version of the echonet might be a good idea before venturing out into the world. With this rationale in place, it was easy then for Angel to convince herself not to go outside just yet. Instead she sat down in front of the screen with an anxious smile.

“Let’s see what we’ve got here”.

[The console switches on and a pale skinned, brunette with blue eyes smiles into the camera. The right side of her head seems to be shaven and something that looks like a metal plate is barely visible on that side. She seems to be pleased to see the open network and raises her hand in a little wave. As she did so, bluish-white marks can be seen starting from her left hand and going up along her arm. The tattoo-like markings also seem to cross onto her chest, though they stop at the center. The marks seem to glow faintly, even in the well lit room she’s sitting in.]

Hello uhm—whoever is out there. I’m Angel and I am—obviously new here. This is actually my third day living on this turtle and I haven’t actually left my house yet but I definitely plan to! Yes, I plan to go out very uh—very soon. [She tries to look confident but her expression comes across as sheepish at best. After that however, she descends into awkward silence before picking herself back up again.]

So—Can I ask who’s out there? Is there anyone from Promethea, Eden-5, Eden-6, uhm…Pandora? And what’s out there? Outside I mean. Are there trees? Oh geez, That must sound like a weird question. So okay—I have actually never been outside before and a lot of things that are outdoors are totally new to me. [As though the outdoors can hear her the woman turns her head toward the window briefly before looking back at the screen.]

Okay so I’ve made this completely awkward now. I’m sorry. [She fidgets with her hair for a while, fondling the ponytail that hangs over her shoulder on the unshaven side of her head. There is a slight indication of movement off screen as she shuffles her feet a little bit under the table. The girl looks anxious, as though she can’t decide if she should wait for a response or just shut the entire thing down right then and there.]

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